Tarjeta Naranja Christmas Commercial – Dad travelling with snowman

Tarjeta Naranja - Snowman

Tarjeta Naranja – Snowman

The Argentinean credit card brand Tarjeta Naranja has released a heart-melting holiday ad, titled “December – A Christmas Story”, with a dad trying to prevent a snowman from melting throughout their journey from Tierra del Fuego to Salta, in the desert, with the purpose to make a surprise gift to his daughter.

The devoted father embarks on the challenging roadtrip after a counselor informs him and his wife that their little girl has trouble adjusting to the family’s move and that it would be helpful for her to have some familiar objects or “touchpoints”.

With the snowman in the back of his car, he travels 2,600 miles, doing what it takes to keep it a snowman, not a heap of snow, and facing all kind of situations to get it to his daughter, such as making ice baths in motel hot tubs and staying in the back of a refrigerated truck after his car breaks down, using, when and where possible, his Tarjeta Naranja credit card.

The reunion with his daughter is emotional and heartwarming, with the two hugging each other.
The spot ends with the onscreen line “We are like this. We want more people like this”.

The track playing in the background is “The Weight” by The Band.

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