Lancome Miracle Secret Commercial Song – Lily Collins

Lily Collins in Lancome Commercial

Lancome promotes its new fragrance within the Miracle line, Miracle Secret, in a new commercial, aiming to highlight that this new fragrance “reveals the power hidden inside of you and gives you the secret to embody your own Miracle”.

The 30-second spot features British-American actress Lily Collins stepping into a room where a bottle of Miracle Secret is kept among dozens of peonies and, after stealing it, making a “shush” sign to the camera, as if she interacted with viewers, asking them to keep the secret. She then is seen diving into a pool full of peonies that is in the shape of a Miracle Secret bottle.

The song playing in the ad is “Run Wild” by London-based girl band TRILLS from their self-released debut EP, “Lacuna” (2014), that was featured as the concluding song for BT Sport’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final 2017.

The daughter of English musician Phil Collins is also the face of the campaign for Miracle Blossom, another edition of the fresh floral original from the year 2000 that has become one of the iconic perfumes of the house.

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