Premier Inn Same Feeling, Whatever The Trip Advert Song

Premier Inn Advert Actors

Premier Inn has released a new ad to celebrate the feeling of comfort their guests experience when staying with Premier Inn.

Titled “Same feeling, whatever the trip” and directed by multi-award-winning Director, Designer, Artist and Photographer Tiny Bullet – aka Tina Bull, the spot features a diverse cast of travelers, of different ages and walks of life, entering their Premier Inn hotel room and uttering an “Ahhh”. A woman getting back from work, friends, various couples and a family are all shown getting back to their room, which has a large, bed placed in the middle, and experiencing a feeling of comfort. The advert highlights all the kinds of trips people enjoy with Premier Inn, from days out to catch-ups, business trips to family getaways and everything in between.

“Enjoy same feeling, whatever the trip. Premier Inn. Rest easy,” Sir Lenny Henry says in voiceover at the end of the advert, which is set to the tune of Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.

Premier Inn revealed that they recreated Premier Plus and Standard room types in a studio and used a special camera technique to showcase the different trips that guests enjoy across the UK. The reception and breakfast scenes were shot at the brand-new Willen Lake hotel in Milton Keynes.

Housekeeper Connor and Ground Floor team member Killian made appearances in the ad.

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