AXA Serena Williams Commercial Song – I Know I Can

AXA Serena Williams Commercial

French multinational insurance firm AXA has teamed up with Serena Williams for its newest integrated campaign, titled “Know You Can”.

The tennis champion stars in a first installment, that sees her on the court, finding the power to believe – with some help only she sees – that she can do it. “Self-belief drives every journey. We’re here to help you go further” onscreen lines read at the end of the spot, which also sees Serena celebrating her win.

Serena also stars in other videos, that focus on different aspects of her life story, namely as a mother and businesswoman, who has never ceased to fight to fulfill her dreams. In addition, she also shares her experiences of self-belief through an exclusive interview for the company.

Launched on 2 February in Germany, AXA’s global integrated campaign, featuring the 2003 single “I Can” by iconic rap artist Nas, from his sixth studio album, “God’s Son,” rolled out in Hong Kong earlier this week and will also run in countries from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. “Know You Can” also tells other customer empowerment stories, including the story of a young man who had a bright future ahead as a karate master, but found himself with an amputated leg after a car crash.

Paul Bennett, global brand director of AXA, said, “We want to give a clear and empathetic message that whatever is important to people, whatever dreams large or small, whatever doubt or anxiety they may have, through our actions and our partnership, we can fuel their self-belief so that they are closer to their goals. We don’t just help people overcome problems, as an encouraging partner, we help them overcome doubt and feel confident they can go towards their better life”.

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