Delta Early Risers Commercial Song 2017 – Heigh Ho

Delta Commercial 2017 - Early Risers

Delta Commercial 2017 – Early Risers

Delta has released a new commercial, celebrating all the early risers who fly Delta.

The 60-second spot, titled “4 a.m.”, features several persons who wake up at the crack of dawn, while most of the world is still sleeping, and get ready to travel with the major American airline. “Here’s to all 180 million of you early risers, go-getters, and should-be-sleepers. From 80 thousand of us at Delta”, says the voiceover, adding that “the ones who truly change the world are the ones who can’t wait to get out in it”.

The spot ends with the airline’s tagline, “Keep Climbing”.

The song playing in the background is “Heigh Ho”, performed by Dwarf Chorus.

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