The Dark Element feat. Jani Liimatainen & Anette Olzon – The Dark Element (Album Tracklist)

The Dark Element Album

The Dark Element’s debut album The Dark Element (feat. Anette Olzon & Jani Liimatainen), including eleven tracks, such as “I Cannot Raise the Dead”, “The Ghost and the Reaper”, “Someone You Used to Know” and ” Last Good Day”, was released on November 10, 2017 and is available for purchase on Amazon as MP3 ($9.49) and Audio CD ($11.99).


1. The Dark Element

2. My Sweet Mystery

3. Last Good Day

4. Here’s to You

5. Someone You Used to Know

6. Dead to Me

7. Halo

8. I Cannot Raise the Dead

9. The Ghost and the Reaper

10. Heaven of Your Heart

11. Only One Who Knows Me

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