HEB Slam Duncan O’s Cereal Commercial – Tim Duncan

HEB Slam Duncan O's Cereal Commercial - Tim Duncan

HEB Slam Duncan O’s Cereal Commercial – Tim Duncan

The Spurs legend Tim Duncan stars in a new commercial for limited-edition breakfast cereal honoring him.

The 30-second spot features the American retired professional basketball player hosting a focus group with kids in order to get their feedback on the Slam Duncan O’s, the honey nut, toasted cereal with chocolate puffs.

“Ok, so on a scale to 1 to 10, how would you rate this new cereal? 1 being incredibly tasty to 10 being amazingly awesome” – asks Duncan to the group target. He doesn’t receive the expected answers, though, as the kids have other preoccupations. “Isn’t Duncan sold with the k?”, wants to know a little boy, who learns that it’s with the “c”, like the player’s last name. “Why are you so tall?”, “Can you sign this box for my dad?”, “Where is coyote?”, “Wait. Is 1 good or bad?” – are other questions that make Duncan saying “I start missing basketball”.

Slam Duncan O’s hit the shelves on Monday, January 16, and is available for $2.98 a box while supplies last.

Duncan, who recently retired from a 19-year career with the Spurs, appeared in more than 30 H-E-B ads since 2004, showcasing a wide range of H-E-B products with his fellow teammates.

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