Gillette ProGlide Deion Sanders’ Draft Night Commercial

Gillette ProGlide Deion Sanders Commercial

Gillette has enlisted Deion Sanders to promote the Gillette ProGlide razor and share some word of wisdom with the 2021 NFL Draftees.

The spot, which reimagines Deion’s own NFL Draft night with a modern twist, features Sanders, who on NFL Draft Night 1989 showed the world what confidence looks like, having a close and comfortable shave with Gillette ProGlide razor and delivering the following message for the rookies: “To all those rookies waiting for the call tonight, I got a little piece of advice for you. Don’t let anybody tell you that looks don’t matter in this game because, baby, when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, oh, you PrimeTime good”.

At the end of the commercial, created by agency Grey, he adds the brand’s tagline, “The best a man can get”.

This is not the first time the 53-year old NFL legend worked with the Procter & Gamble brand. In 2020, Sanders interviewed rookies Cole Kmet, Ashtyn Davis, Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa about what “Every Day is Gameday” means to them, also for Gillette, and earlier this year he posted some social content for the brand.

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