Duracell Commercial Song – Tumbling Man

Duracell Commercial - Tumbling Man

“Do you need the most trusted battery in your flashlight?” – this is the question raised in the latest Duracell commercial.

The voiceover gives, in the 30-second spot, some answers, giving way to a scenario generated by a man’s refusal to use his flashlight with Duracell batteries. The guy is shown setting out in the forest, at night, trusting his own eyes to see in the dark, and experiencing some bad moments afterwards: stumbling among trees on a slope, falling over someone’s tent, and keeping stumbling with the tent wrapped around him even through a camping fire until coming down to a trough full of swill.

“Maybe not. Maybe you could trust your own eyes to see in the dark. Maybe you could trust strangers to help. Maybe you could trust this tent to be flame-retardant” – says the voiceover, adding eventually “Or you could just trust Duracell”.

The song used in the commercial is “Waltz No.6 In D Flat Major, Minute Waltz Op. 64 No.1”, performed by Ketevan Badridze.

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