Toyota Highlander UFO Commercial 2017

Toyota Highlander Commercial 2017 - UFO

Toyota Highlander Commercial 2017 – UFO

Toyota has released a new commercial, featuring the new 2017 Highlander and the Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, which can help you stay in your lane.

The 15-second spot features two kids, a girl and a boy, in the rear seats of a Toyota Highlander, looking toward the sky, at an UFO following them.

“I’ve been on enough adventures to know when you’re watching the sky for unidentified flying objects you may need some extra help watching the road”, says the child voiceover, adding, as if it was the girl’s thought, “I bet we get better gas mileage than they do”.

The ad ends with the onscreen line “The new 2017 Highlander Toyota Safety Sense Standard”.

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