Quaker Commercial Song 2017 – You Are Amazing

Quaker Commercial 2017 - You Are Amazing

Quaker Commercial 2017 – You Are Amazing

Quaker has released a new commercial, highlighting how the good you bring to the table can bring out the best in others.

The 70-second spot, titled “The Note”, starts with a mother who leaves a note with the message “You are amazing” under the bowl of cereals prepared for her teenage daughter. The latter puts the note in her pocket, but on the way to school decides to put it in the backpack of another girl, who stays alone and sad in the bus. She finds it right before class begins and decides to put it under a colleague’s test paper, disappointed because he got a “D”. As the ad continues, viewers see how the note is passed forward to dozens of kids in school, who see it when they need encouragement.

The post-it note arrives even at the janitor and at the lady who serves students with food at the cafeteria. This “give-it-forward” is taken to another level when one of the schoolkids decides to take a photo of the note and send it to a mate. The image is spread all over the social networks, and the girl who started it smiles looking at all the posts knowing that she’s made someone’s day better.

The spot ends as it started, with the mother leaving the post-it note under the bowl of cereals and with the voiceover saying “Day after day, the good you bring to the table brings out the best in them” and the brand’s tagline, “Quaker – We Are The Good We Make”.

The song playing in the background is “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch.

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