Interac 2017 Christmas Commercial Music – Musician Playing the Trumpet

Interac Christmas Commercial - Musician

Canadian nonprofit interbank network Interac promotes its e-Transfer service, that enables users to send, request and receive money easily, without sharing any financial information, with a touching commercial.

The protagonist is Maurice Robinson, a musician playing the trumpet, who uses his talent to brighten people’s days in front of coffee shops, stores and other places, on Christmas Eve. Throughout the ad, which is set to the rhythms of the 1969 song “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”, it is shown that most of the passers-by, even though they are willing to give him some money to shown how much they appreciate his performance, don’t have cash on them, as they prefer paying with their contactless card or with their smartwatches. Eventually, they find a way to express their gratitude for his staying in the cold and playing music by using Interac e-Transfer and gathering around him on the night of Christmas Eve, which proves to be a very pleasant and emotional surprise for him.

“Pay like magic.” – an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, before the Interac tagline, “Own your world”, appears.

The Interac email money transfer service, offered by CertaPay and described as “one of the fastest and safest ways to send, request, and receive money”, allows online banking customers to send money to anyone with an e-mail address and a bank account in Canada.

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