Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2016 – A Coke for Christmas

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial

Coca-Cola has released the official Christmas commercial for 2016, titled “A Coke for Christmas”.

The 30-second spot features a young boy who has a box full of bottles of Coke and decides to share them with people from his community, such as his neighbors, a man who prepares the Christmas tree in his dooryard and a woman who prepares meal in her kitchen, a young girl working at a store.

When there is only one bottle left, he decides to keep it for Santa. At this point, it’s useless to say that the next scene features Santa arriving at the boy’s house and finding the Coke on a table, with a dedicated message.

As the spot ends, viewers get to see Santa enjoying his Coke at the window, winking at Rudolf, who seems to be willing to have a mouthful as well.

The song playing in the background is the brand’s anthem “Taste the Feeling” by Avicii feat. Conrad Sewell.

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