TurboTax Live Mia & Liam Commercial – Boss Mom

TurboTax Live Mia & Liam Commercial - Boss Mom

TurboTax introduces Mia, a TurboTax a Lawyer mom too tired to smile, in its latest commercial, urging you to make your moves count and let a Full Service Expert to do your taxes.

Titled “Boss Mom”, the 30-second spot opens with Mia saying “This year, I got serious about my taxes. I met with a TurboTax expert because I had two full-time jobs, Lawyering and.. Liaming, all on my own”.

“Count on me, Mia. I’ll file your taxes for you with 100% accuracy, guaranteed.” says Renee, a Tax Expert, on a video call.

The commercial ends with the tired mom keeping Liam with one hand and some documents with other hand, saying ” I’m too tired to smile.”

On the advertiser’s website you can find out that you can “file with confidence knowing your tax return is backed by America’s #1 tax preparation provider”, you get audit support, accuracy, and your max refund, 100% guaranteed.

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