Crown Paints Hannah & Dave Baby on the Way Advert Song

Crown Paints Hannah & Dave Baby on the Way tv Advert

Crown Paints has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Life Stories”.

One of the spots, featuring a singing group of men and women clad in yellow and mustard outfits, tells the story of Hannah and Dave, a couple who met at an illegal rave four years ago and instantly became soulmates. They dated for a while, then got a place together. When Dave asked if they should have a baby, Hannah said “No, never!”. Later on, however, she finds out she’s pregnant and the advert includes a joke that hasn’t been well received: “Hannah’s hoping for a girl, Dave’s just hoping that it’s his”.

The end of the advert, which hears the chorus singing “There’s a baby on the way”, shows Hannah and her partner in their future baby’s room, painting it in mustard yellow. Eventually, the tagline “It’s not just paint, it’s personal” appears on the screen, alongside a Crown mustard jar for walls and ceilings.

The brand received backlash as its advert was described as “offensive”, “cringeworthy and out of touch”, and “misogynistic”. A spokesperson for the paint company said in a statement that the advert was “intended to be a humorous celebration of special life moments that prompt people to paint their homes” and apologized if any of the lyrics have caused offense.

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