Bud Light NEXT Commercial Song – Zero In The Way Of Possibility

Bud Light NEXT Commercial Blue Woman Bright Sparkles

Bud Light promotes its zero-carbs Bud Light NEXT in its Super Bowl commercial, which carries the tagline “Zero in the way of possibility”.

The spot, which – according to Andy Goeler, Vice President of Marketing, Bud Light, pays tribute to “those who are pushing boundaries and redefining the world around us every day,” depicts a variety of scenarios in which the protagonists break traditional conventions, barriers and rules, and change things in their lives. Thus, a young man goes from living in a cramped New York City apartment to roaming freely in a home upstate, another one goes from wandering traditional art galleries to exploring unique NFT communities, and a young woman from an in-real-life concert performance to a Metaverse experience.

The commercial, set to the tune of Barbra Streisand’s hit song “Gotta Move”, also features a Nouns DAO partnership, with their famous glasses, as well as a token from the new Bud Light N3XT NFT Collection, making an appearance.

Starting now through February 18, fans can enter the “Spot a Zero, Add a Zero” sweepstakes by posting photos on social of all the zeros in front of them, such as zeros in the Bud Light NEXT spot, zeros on NEXT cans, zeros in other ads, zeros on street signs, and zeros anywhere in between, using #SpotAZero and #Sweepstakes for a chance to be one of seven lucky people to win $10,000.

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