CG Insurance Medical Anywhere in the World Aunt Angie & Kangoroo Commercial – Coralisle Group

CG Insurance Aunt Angie & Kangoroo Commercial - Coralisle Group

CG has launched a new campaign to promote its insurance products, from medical to motor.

One of the ads opens with Aunt Angie being informed by her niece, during a videocall, that she is allergic to the Australian veggie spread. She tells the young woman that CG will cover her anywhere in the world and starts recalling the story of when she went to Australia for her title fight and faced a kangoroo and, during the celebration dinner she had with the sultan, she realized top shelf caviar isn’t good for her at all. Aunt Angie also mentions that she was covered and that she needs to go because she teaches a nephew how to use a flamethrower.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover says “Medical cover anywhere in the world”, adding the CG Insurance tagline, “Good Like That”.

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