Halifax Top Cat TV Advert 2016

Halifax TV Advert - Top Cat

Halifax TV Advert – Top Cat

The latest TV advert for Halifax introduces (again) the hat-wearing Top Cat, a mortgages customer that some might already know from the Top Cat series, that debuted in 1962 and ran for 30 episodes.
The 60-second video, created by the communications agency Adam&EveDDB, shows the animated cat, brought out of retirement for the occasion, visiting the Halifax to discuss about getting a loan for a new home.
“Benny, remember the play?”, asks Top Cat before entering the bank.
“Sure”, answers Benny, keeping a violin in his hands.
At the entrance, a bank officer welcomes the two cats, smiling:
“Good morning. Can I help?”, asks the lady.
“You can indeed, my dear. I need to borrow a little money for a new home”, says Top Cat.
“Right. Should we take a seat?”, invites the desk officer the new client.
“Benny, you’re up”, says Top Cat on his way to the officer’s desk.
At this point, Benny starts playing the violin in a corner.
Seated at the officer’s desk, Top Cat starts telling his story with theatrical voice and gestures.
“My previous home has been destroyed, carried away by the trash men on the orders of officer Dibble and carelessly crashed”.
“Oh, that’s awful. You poor thing”, says the bank officer.
“I loved that old home. Please help me buy a new one! Just think of the children”, adds Top Cat showing towards the window, where four cats sit with sad faces and even tears in their eyes.
“No problem”, answers the bank officer.
“Really? No problem?” asks Top Cat delightfully. “Benny, enough with that violin”, adds for Benny.
“Now then, let’s get down to business”, says Top Cat.
“Ok. Shall we start with your name?”
The next scene shows a policeman in front of Top Cat’s new home, calling Top Cat.
“Chap Cat!”
“Well, officer Dibble, welcome to my humble abode. Do you want to come in? Me and the boys are having a pool game in the library”.
The advert ends with the campaign slogan, “For home buyers who want extra – Halifax – The people who give you extra”.

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