Pandora Mother’s Day 2023 Commercial

Pandora Mother's Day Commercial Actors

Pandora has unveiled its Mother’s Day commercial, shining a spotlight on all kinds of maternal connections, both traditional and non-traditional and encouraging viewers to say thank you to “all the mums who raised us, shaped us and made us”.

The spot, dedicated to “everyone who loves like a mom”, features a diverse cast of women, who are not all mothers, who share their unconditional love with their dear ones just like mothers do. A woman playing with her dog just like a mother plays with her child, a grandmother who wipes a tear off her teenage grandon’s face, an aunt who helps her young nephew ride a bike are among the mother figures shown throughout the video, which ends with an young woman who, joined by her mother in the car, pays a visit to a woman who means a lot to her and gives her a Pandora gift set.

The commercial, set to the tune of an emotional song, whose lyrics include “All the things I feel inside when I see my mother’s eyes, love is always in her smile, there is no home like a mom, so let me hold you in my heart, let me walk you home tonight”, ends with the onscreen line “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Pandora has a wide range of jewelry for the mother figure in your life, some of them now available at discounted prices. Among them are a Pearlescent White Heart Bracelet Gift Set ($99 from $135), “Love Mom” necklace and earrings set ($120), Sparkling Infinity Heart Jewelry Gift Set ($119 – reduced from $145), Pink Family Tree and Infinity Heart Charm Set, Splittable Mother and Daughter Charm Bracelet Set ($160), Heart & Mom Charm Necklace Set ($230), and more.

Shoppers can pay 4 interest-free payments with AfterPay, Klarna or PayPal and get their gift in 2 hours with free in-store pickup.

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