Vitl Roller-Skating Girl in Yellow Outfit Advert Song

Vitl Roller-Skating Girl in Yellow Outfit Advert

Personalized nutrition company Vitl has launched its firts TV ad to promote its range of products.

The spot features 26-year old Amelia Dixon, from Watford, clad in a yellow outfit and roller skating against a yellow backdrop, while Vitl products, including Vitamin D, which supports the normal function of the immune system and contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth and bones, Immune Support, which helps reinforce your natural defences, with a three in one combination, high in vitamin C, D, and zinc, Daily Biotic, and more.

“However you roll, feel your Vitl self, with vitamins that can help support you to achieve your heatlh goals,” the voiceover says in the advert, which is scored by “Like We Do It” by Cherry’z.

The young woman had a dramatic life. At the age of 15, after being diagnosed with scoliosis and going under urgent surgery, she had to part ways with her roller-skating passion. After a 10-year break from roller-skating, during her studies at West Herts College she had another terrible situation to deal with – her mother suffered a stroke and she has been forced to care for her. The disabled woman, who spent more than two years in different hospitals, a rehabilitation centre and three separate care homes, was taken by Amelia to her one-bedroom flat and taken care of by Amelia herself.

Jonathan Relph, CEO of, said: “As soon as we saw Amelia skate, we just knew she epitomises everything we represent.” “Aside from her simply effortless roller-skating style, her backstory is absolutely inspirational. We set out to find a brilliant roller-skater for our advert, but didn’t realise we would find such an incredible person in the process,” Replh also said.

The advert campaign has been running on Channel 4 since April 5 and will continue for a month.

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