TK Maxx Christmas Advert Song – House Covered in Real Snow

TK Maxx Christmas Commercial

TK Maxx promises you a White Christmas in its 2017 Christmas advert, highlighting that you could have your home covered in real snow if you purchase “a rather exclusive snow globe”.

The spot features a grandad who popped into TK Maxx and picked up a bunch of fabulous gifts for his family, including a “rather exclusive snow globe” that implied having their house covered in real snow. “That’s right. We’re delivering actual snow to front doors for free.” – the voiceover says in the 60-second spot featuring a TK Maxx team showing up at that family’s home and covering it in snow so that they could enjoy a White Christmas.

Obviously, they all got out, from the youngest to the oldest, and started fighting with snowballs, “Find a rather exclusive snow globe in store or online to get a White Christmas to your door for absolutely nothing.” – the voiceover also says at the end of the spot, adding that it’s “just another one of TK Maxx’s many big gifts at small prices. The snow globe that gives you this “ridiculous possibility” will be available starting November 17.

The music used in the ad is a festive version of Pilot’s 1974 popular song “Magic”, from the band’s debut album,
“From the Album of the Same Name”, renamed “It’s Christmas”.

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