Citroen C3 Lucas Likes Judo Commercial Song

Citroen C3 Commercial - Lucas Likes Judo

Citroën advertises the new Citroën C3 in a new commercial, that focuses on the Citroën Advanced Comfort technology.

The 30-second spot features Lucas, a young man who likes judo, but ends up really hurt after every training session. He is seen getting to his car – the new Citroën C3 – with his neck and back aching. Luckily, the seats are designed with ultra comfort in mind, so it’s a relief for him to finally take a seat and drive back home.

“So it’s for people like Lucas that we’ve included the ultra comfort wide seats in Citroën C3,” the voiceover says, adding the tagline “Citroën C3 with Citroën Advanced Comfort and 11 driving aids. We could have made a car, but we have made a car for you”.

The song used in the ad is “Streets and Stories” by Part-Time Friends, from their album “Born To Try”.

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