TK Maxx Ridiculous Possibilities Commercial – Trampoline

TK Maxx Commercial 2016 - Trampoline

TK Maxx Commercial 2016 – Trampoline

The “Trampoline” advert for TK Maxx introduces a young woman who says she found love through the living room ceiling after using the trampoline she bought from TK Maxx.
The girl, with the upper half of her body through the ceiling, says: “It was love at first sight for me and Steve.
We met at a party at his flat. I hadn’t actually been invited. I was downstairs in my flat, trying out this trampoline I got for a barg at TK Maxx. I’d gone in to buy a dress, so at least I looked good when we met. He brushed the plaster dust out of my hair, looked deep into my eyes and told me he knew a guy who could fix the hole I’ve made…with my head”.

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