Eos Shaving Cream Gorilla Commercial

Eos Shaving Cream Gorilla Commercial

Eos promotes its men shaving cream in a new commercial, that carries the tagline “Unmanhandle your face”.

The spot features a man in a supermarket who, after grabbing a package of Eos man shaving cream from a shelf, is approached by a stranger in a totally unexpected way. The latter slaps the package out of his hand and, getting way too close to his face, asks him if he wants to buy more man shaving cream that’ll make him “a man enough to fight a gorilla”. “A gorilla?” the surprised customer asks. Shortly after, a real gorilla comes out of the shelf and slaps the attacker, making him run away. The animal then goes to the first man and hands him an Eos Men Shaving Cream.

Powered by skin care ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and aloe, Eos UltraProtect Men Shaving Cream is fragrance-free and formulated without irritants for the most sensitive skin. The product delivers a close, smooth, and comfortable shave and provides 24-hour hydration thanks to its non-foaming and skin-care minded formula. The shave cream is available for purchase on Amazon, as well as at other major retailers.

The range of eos products also includes lip balms, shea butter, 24h moisture body lotion, hand sanitizer, and more.

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