Costa Crociere Shakira Commercial Song

Costa Crociere Commercial - Shakira

Costa Crociere Commercial – Shakira

Shakira stars in a new commercial for Costa Crociere. The gorgeous singer, who is the brand’s ambassador since 2015, turns heads in the video, among her victims being seamen, locals sitting at bars, and even a groom outside the church.

Filmed on the Amalfi coast, between the towns of Atrani and Furore, the spot features Shakira dressed in a black mini skirt and a low-cut neckline black jacket and high heels, walking through the streets to the waterfront. A little boy, running toward her, tells her what Costa Crociere will offer her, but actually making the viewers believe that he’s talking about a man, especially given the fact that, in parallel, a handsome man is shown coming to town in a red convertible.

“Shakira, Shakira, it’s coming. You’ll see. You’ll spend a fantastic holiday. Incredible shows, restaurants with sea view. You’ll be taken care of every single moment. Every morning you’ll wake up in a different paradise and every night you’ll fall asleep under a sea of stars”, says the boy in Italian, while on the screen we get to see a seductive Shakira who leads the handsome man to believe that she’s smiling to him when she actually smiles because a Costa Crociere ship passes by. “With Costa you’ll feel like a queen”, adds the boy.

The spot ends with Shakira saying the brand’s tagline “Scopri la felicita’ al quadrato” meaning “Discover happiness squared”.

The song playing in the background is “Amarcord Theme” by Nino Rota Ensamble from the film “Amarcord”.

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