Old Spice Thickening System Treatment Blonde Man by the Pool Commercial

Old Spice Thickening System Blonde Man Commercial

Old Spice advertises its Thickening System in a new commercial.

The spot, titled “Pool Party,” features a man by the pool, who says that he didn’t have thick looking hair like this until two weeks ago and this was thanks to the new Old Spice Thickening System. “With the new Old Spice Thickening System it’s the way hair used to be, but now,” he says, holding the treatment in his hands. At this point, a female voiceover starts singing a song with the following lyrics: “The way hair used to be… but now… and always… and forever… and in two weeks… when used as directed”.

Infused with castor oil, the Old Spice thickening treatment promises thick-looking hair in just two weeks when used as part of the complete three-step hair thickening system with shampoo and conditioner. It must be applied to wet or dry hair, spraying 5–10 times directly onto your scalp, and then massaged into hair with fingers. It is available for purchase for $9.99.

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