Lacoste Commercial Song: Man Running Through Trains

Actress in Lacoste Commercial

Lacoste has released a new brand film, created by advertising agency BETC in France, to celebrate “the French savoir faire and timeless polo elegance” that has effortlessly shifted through the decades, from its conception in 1933 to the present day.

The 45-second spot, titled “Timeless” and directed by Seb Edwards, tells the story of an epic journey and love at first sight. The hero (portrayed by Belgian actor Damien Chapelle), a young man who sees a gorgeous woman (French actress Dorcas Coppin) in a Paris train station, in 1933, and embarks on a turbulent quest throughout the decades to get to her. The ad, featuring the man running through and on trains to reach the woman he fell for, arriving eventually to her and kissing her, showcases how the style evolves, but the polo maintains its inalterable elegance.

The outfits have been created by French costume designer Madeline Fontaine, who’s been nominated for an Oscar for her work on the film Jackie.

The song playing in the background is “November” by Max Richter, from his 2002 album “Memoryhouse”. The West German-born British composer’s works have been featured also in the film Shutter Island and in the Netflix’s sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror.

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