Vision Express TV Advert Song: Julie Walters

Julie Walters in Vision Express Advert

The English actress and writer Julie Walters explains in the new Vision Express TV advert why is so important to have a good eye health during lifetime.

“I’ve always been inspired by what I see around me. Watching people has helped me create my characters. Some of them may seem take on the life of their own. When you treasure everything you see, you’ll never stop looking” – says Walters in the 60-second spot, created by Oliver, aiming to highlight significant moments from her life, that had an impact on her dreams and ┬ácareer. Archival footage, featuring young Julie Walters accepting an award and playing a nurse, is also included.

The ad ends with the actress seated at a restaurant table and reading from a book with her eyeglasses on, when an
elderly waitress comes closer and asks her if she’s ready to order.

“Look after your eyes and your vision can last a lifetime” – states the voiceover at the end of the spot, adding
the optical retailer’s tagline “Vision. Taken Seriously.

The song playing in the background is “I Love To Boogie” by English rock band T. Rex, from their 1976 album “Dandy In The Underworld”.

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