SKODA KAMIQ Commercial – When You Know What Fits You

SKODA KAMIQ Commercial

ŠKODA showcases its first crossover, the all-new KAMIQ, in a new ad, that carries the tagline “When you know what fits you”.

The spot features a middle-aged couple driving their red KAMIQ downtown to purchase some things. He enters a shoe store, where all the shoes are white, and she enters a jeans store, where all the pairs are ribbed. While the sales assistant tells the man he can give him different types of white, such as light white and dark white, his wife is shown several pairs of jeans that feature different types of rips, from one rip to double rip to DYI rips and more. The KAMIQ driver asks the store if they have something more colorful and his wife, in the other store, asks the sales assistant if they have anything without holes.

The end of the ad sees the two customers going to different places to get what they want – he goes to an artist who personalizes his white sneakers with red paint and she goes to a store where she finds a pair of jeans that are just the way she likes. “When you know what fits you,” the voiceover says, adding the brand’s tagline, “Simply clever”.

The automaker describes the KAMIQ as a combination between a practical, roomy city car and an SUV. With a well-weighted ratio of robust design and dynamic shapes, the compact crossover features split full LED headlights and add-on parts, the brand’s signature dynamic shoulder line, which forms the distinctive side view, a diffuser, which accentuates the car’s generous ground clearance and powerful appearance, dynamic front and rear indicators (a first in a ŠKODA), and a strikingly shaped rear section complemented by full LED taillights. The spacious interior boasts a 400-1,395 litre luggage compartment, a folding front-passenger seat backrest to allow longer items to be accommodated.

In terms of connectivity, the KAMIQ is fitted with a brand-new generation of ŠKODA connectivity, which means there are innovative features like a built-in eSIM and a wireless connection between your smartphone and the infotainment system.

The ŠKODA KAMIQ range includes the KAMIQ Monte Carlo and the KAMIQ G-TEC.

The word KAMIQ comes from the language of the Inuit people living in northern Canada and Greenland and describes something that fits as perfectly as a second skin in every situation.

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