Amazon Little Flower Soap Company Commercial Song

Amazon Commercial - The Little Flower Soap Company

Amazon highlights, in its first-ever national TV ad, that “Half of everything sold on Amazon comes from small and medium businesses”.

The spot features the owner of one of the thousands of US-based small companies selling on Amazon, namely Holly Rutt, who founded Little Flower Soap Company, which is selling handmade bath and body care products. At the beginning of the video, she is seen flipping the “Open” sign on a storefront to “Open to Amazon” and, at the end, is heard saying the closing line, “Half of all items sold on Amazon come from small and medium businesses, just like mine.” The ad, set to the 1962 single “Let’s Work Together” by Los Angeles blues-rock band Canned Heat, also illustrates the journey from customer order to delivery through train cars and container trucks featuring the logo of her business as they cross the country. Other container trucks, featuring logos of many other small and medium-sized businesses, including Desert Creek Honey, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, The Cat Buddy, Gladiator, and more are also featured.

Rutt and her husband, Justin, who set up their business at their home in Chelsea, Michigan, started selling their handmade, small-batch soaps and body care products on Amazon in 2016 and sales have nearly doubled since, according to the global internet retailer, whose national ad, set to air throughout the month, is now definitely helping them by giving a boost in brand recognition.

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