Volkswagen e-up! Commercial: Girl With Blonde Doll

Volkswagen e-up! Commercial - Girl With Blonde Doll

Volkswagen presents its smallest electric vehicle, the e-up!, in a new commercial, that encourages people to recycle by highlighting that big changes start with little steps.

The spot opens with a boy witnessing a heartbreaking moment for his neighbor, a little girl who tries to fix her broken doll. Her mother comes outside, grabs the toy and throws it in the trash bin, and then takes her inside. The boy looks around and comes up with an idea that brings a smile on the girl’s face the next day – he replaces the doll’s broken arm with an arm from his Hulk toy.

“Full of smart ideas. For a better tomorrow. The e-up!” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

The e-up! features an electric motor that provides 82bhp and 156lb ft of torque, a new lithium-ion battery with 36.8kWh capacity and a range up to 161 miles (260km) on a full charge.

Other updates include a refreshed exterior design, the new brand’s logo, six airbags and Lane Assist as standard.
Starting last year, the German automaker, who has announced the arrival of 70 new electric vehicles to market around the world, has been promoting the newest members of the ID. lineup, including the exclusive special edition ID.3 1ST, which “marks the beginning of a new era in electromobility,” the all-electric ID.

ROOMZZ SUV, a zero-emission concept car of the five-metre class, the ID. BUGGY, the modern version of the iconic Minibus, and more. The VW ID lineup also includes the Crozz (a self-driving crossover SUV), Vizzion (a 400-mile range, 75-kWh motor sedan), the Buzz and the Buzz Cargo (a pair of microbus concepts).

Volkswagen declared its commitment to achieving global carbon neutrality across its fleet, production, and administration by 2050, to reducing its global carbon footprint by 30% by 2025, and to being carbon neutral globally by 2050.

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