Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Flex Your Way Commercial Song

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Commercial Actress

Samsung has released a series of new ads to showcase the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and some of its most important features.

One of them focuses on the phone’s compactness and highlights that it’s made to fit your style and pocket by showing a young woman who, after using the Galaxy Z Flip, puts it in her pocket-sized crossbody bag.

“A big flex that’s pocket-sized. Flex your way” onscreen lines reads throughout the 15-second ad, which is scored by Shirley Ellis’ “I See It, I Like It, I Want It”.

Other commercials focus on the immersive screen, on the users’ possibility to multitask, to chat hands free with the Flex mode, and more.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G is available for purchase from $649.99 with eligible trade-in or $18.06/month for 36 months.

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