State Farm Insurance Commercial Song: Starting Today

Woman in State Farm Insurance Commercial

State Farm Insurance promotes its Let’s Start Today program in a new commercial, highlighting that, starting today, it is here to help all those who struggle with finances find tools, support and education.

The 30-second spot, titled “Starting Today” and set to the rhythms of a cover of Capital Cities’ 2013 hit single “Safe and Sound” (included on the band’s debut album “In A Tidal Wave of Mystery”), features a range of people, from a guy playing basketball, to an Emergency Medical technician, a graduate student, and a young woman, sitting at a red desk, that illustrates the chance given by State Farm to sit down and learn.

“So many Americans struggle with finances. Starting today, State Farm is here to help. Giving us all the chance to sit down and learn.” – the voiceover says, urging viewers to visit the website On this platform, State Farm provides tools and advice to help people getting started with what they want to do, make them understand how simple habits can push them a step closer to their financial goals, discover the process of budgeting that works best for them, achieve financial well-being, and more.

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