Duracell Santa Commercial Song – Christmas Without Batteries

Duracell Santa Commercial

Duracell has launched its holiday campaign, aiming to highlight that, without the “trusted power of Duracell batteries”, Christmas would be chaos.

The 30-second spot features Santa imagining Christmas without Duracell batteries and the scenario is one of the darkest: kids would be screaming with their toys non-working, mothers would also start screaming, and even the news presenter, while talking about the holiday chaos. Moreover, Santa would be replaced by a younger Santa, equipped with the latest tech devices, his sleight would be smashed up, and he would end up living in the middle of nowhere, in an old camper van, with his reindeer as his only friend left in the entire world, but even he would fly away.

“Do you need the most trusted battery this holiday? Maybe not. Maybe you can trust the world to be just as happy without them. Maybe you could trust you wouldn’t be replaced. Have your sleigh repossessed. And then end up living in the middle of nowhere with the only friend you have left in the entire world. Or you could just trust Duracell.” – the voiceover says.

At the end of the spot, the Christmas song “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” is heard playing for a few

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