Hyundai Tucson Advert Song: Drive a Different Journey

Hyundai Tucson TV Advert

Hyundai UK encourages viewers, in its latest advert showcasing the “bold and sophisticated” Tucson, to “drive a different journey”.

The 30-second spot features a man borrowing a Tucson from a colleague and driving it along city and desert roads, while in the background an original song, entitled “Heat is rising” and composed specially for Hyundai, is playing. The track includes the following lyrics: “There’s a shimmer on the horizon, and the road is all I need. In the mirror the sun is rising”.

This ad is actually a short version of an action-packed film released by the automaker at the end of July, to showcase some of the most important features of this SUV, such as the Rear View Camera, Blind Spot Detection, Panorama Sunroof, and more, not only its sleek design. The protagonist, who’s borrowing the Tucson, stops for a sexy hitchhiker who steals some of his things from the back seat, is chased by a crazy clown and escapes a wild pursuit with the help of the Rear View Camera.

Eventually, he gets at the destination, a house he’s never entered before, to find all his friends and more, including the hitchhiker and the crazy clown, wishing him “Happy Birthday” at a surprise party thrown for him.

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