Air Wick Commercial 2016 – Wax Melt Summer Delight

Airwick Wax Melt Summer Delight

Airwick Wax Melt Summer Delight

Air Wick UK have released a new TV advert to promote their new Airwick Wax Melt, the first constantly changing fragrance.
The 20-second spot features a woman using the first constantly changing home fragrance and the voiceover saying: “New Airwick Wax Melts create a warm environment in a whole new way. Drop one in and let the wax slowly melt. Fill your home with the fragrances you love with Airwick Life Sense, our first constantly changing fragrance. Enjoy the warmth without a flame while being free to keep an eye on everything else”.
The video ends with their well-known slogan: “Airwick – Home is in the air”.

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