Mazda Commercial 2016 – A Driver’s Life

Mazda Commercial 2016

Mazda Commercial 2016

Title: Mazda – A Driver’s Life

HP: “What matters even more than looks and performance? It’s how a car feels when you drive it. Committing to an unrivalled driving experience means you can drive as much as you want, as far as you want. Now you can celebrate driving with Mazda.
At Mazda, driving matters”.


Sixteen, wide eyes
Driver’s license, took two tries
First drive, fast livin’
Hit the garage door, was forgiven
Bought a roadster, second hand
Playing parties with the band
Showing off on the strip
End of summer road trip

Late for curfew
Getting stopped in Waterloo
Loaded up, off to school
Highjinks, not cool
Late night, big skies
A passenger with green eyes

Mid size
Family cruisin’
A sing-along of her choosin’

Now in the garage
Something new
Reminds you of when you
Were you

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