eBay Advert Song – Father and Son

eBay TV Advert

eBay TV Advert

eBay has released a new commercial, introducing the ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop.

The 40-second spot features a father and his teenage son on split screen, doing their morning routine. While the father uses a classic alarm to wake him in the morning, his son uses the alarm on his smartphone. When it comes to shaving, though, the situation is different as, in this case, the father goes with the technology, using an electric shaver with rotary heads, and the son with the classic razor. As the ad continues, we get to see the father using a tablet to visit ebay’s website and his son using the laptop for the same purpose. While the father has curtains in his room, his son has blinds. But, while they use totally different record players, the song they listen to is the same: “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys.

“Very nice song” – says the father when he meets his son.
“Sounds much better on vinyl”, answers the teenager.

The commercial ends with the onscreen lines “80% of the products sold on eBay are brand new” and “The ultimate ‘that’s Christmas’ sorted shop”.

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