TV Advert 2016 – Charger TV Advert 2016 - Charger TV Advert 2016 – Charger TV ad 2016
Msg: “This is not a charger!”.
“I am James Reed and I am here to slay the beast of career and misery. Robert has lost his will to work. He needs a more dynamic environment”, starts James Reed his short speech.
“With more money”, says Robert, while taken away by Robert from the office.
“I believe we have one request”, continues Reed: “to reinstate Mondays as the greatest day of the week”.
“Robert, you’ve got a charger?” asks Reed, entering the elevator.
“This is not a charger”, replies to Robert after seeing the phone charger.
“This is a charger”, mentions at the end of the ad, from the saddle of a big white horse.

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