Virginia Black Whiskey Commercial Song – Woman Passing Drake Up For His Father

Drake in Virginia Black Whiskey Commercial

Drake and his father, Dennis Graham, star in a hilarious new commercial for Virginia Black Whiskey.

Set to the rhythms of “Passionfruit” (Drake’s second single from his 2017 album “More Life”), features the chart-topping rapper in a bar, with a glass of whiskey in his hand, admiring a young woman who seems to look at him, as well. When he begins walking towards her, intended to approach her, she passes him up for someone else. Someone who turns out to be none other than Drake’s dad. The latter asks his son to hold his drink and, before heading out in the company of the beautiful lady, “compliments” his outfit: “nice turtleneck”.

Finally, Drake is seen standing in the middle of the bar holding the two glasses and trying to collect himself, obviously embarrassed by what had just happened. Dennis Graham is the one who has the final word in the ad, as well, saying – while sitting in an armchair, with a glass of Virginia Black Whiskey in his hand, “Virginia Black, one sip and Wooh!”.

This is the second commercial starring Drake and his father. Earlier this year, in July, the two teamed up for the first ad, in which they poke fun at Don Equis’ “most interesting man in the world” character. The rap icon landed an equity stake in Virginia Black after putting his own money into the venture, launched in 2016, in collaboration with Brent Hocking, founder and creator of the original DeLeón Tequila.

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