Green & Black’s Velvet Edition Chocolate Advert Song – Red Riding Hood & Wolves

Red Riding Hood - Green & Black's Velvet Edition Advert

The organic chocolate maker Green & Black’s has launched a new TV ad to promote its Velvet Edition range of dark chocolate.

The spot, aiming to highlight that “Not everything is as dark as it seems”, is a modern take on the Red Riding Hood story. A young woman dressed in a red coat and riding a bike is seen stopping in the middle of a street that passes through a forest to grab a chunk of Green & Black’s Velved Edition chocolate. Seeing a pack of wolves coming towards her, she starts riding the bike trying to run away. In her attempt to escape, she abandons the bike and goes into the woods, where she is eventually surrounded by wolves. The tension soon vanishes as she covers her eyes
with her hands and begins counting, as if she was playing hide and seek, making the wild animals turning around and leave, as if they were looking already for a place to hide.

The advert, featuring a cover of the Fugees’ iconic 1996 song “Ready or Not”, performed by Hazel Tratt, ends with the voiceover saying “Not everything is as dark as it seems” and introducing the brand’s Velvet Edition as “a range of sumptuously smooth dark chocolate”.

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