Carl’s Jr. Famous Celeste Barber Washing Car Commercial

Carl's Jr. Celeste Barber Commercial

Australian Celeste Barber has made a name for herself in the past few years, after posting on Instragram photos of herself re-enacting various photos of different celebrities and building thus an audience of more than 5 million followers. She is now to be seen in the latest Carl’s Jr. commercial, that pokes fun at the burger chain’s infamous 2005 Paris Hilton car-washing ad, which promoted the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger.

Barber revisits the respective ad in her style, satirizing the blonde, who washed a Bentley dressed in a swimsuit and ate the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar burger in the meantime. Instead of a Bentley, however, Barber is lathering up a beat-up station wagon, complete with family car window stickers, and eats “the delicious Charbroiled Famous Star from Carl’s Jr., where the food is the star, and so are you,” as the voiceover – Matthew McConaughey – says.

The campaign, titled “Famous Stars Eating Famous Stars,” is developed by Havas Chicago, and will also include Instagram posts featuring other celebrities. Additionally, the burger chain will support Celeste Barber’s U.S. tour through activations that include more stars like actors Hunter and Joey King. McConaughey started to voiceover Carl’s Jr. ads earlier this year, in February, in ads that featured food close-ups.

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