Call Jane (2022 Movie) – Trailer Song


Call Jane (2022 Movie) - Trailer Actress Elizabeth Banks

Lionsgate has released the trailer for the upcoming movie Call Jane, directed by Oscar-nominated writer Phyllis Nagy and co-written by Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi.

The film is set in Chicago, 1968 and stars Elizabeth Banks as suburban housewife Joy, who – together with her husband and daughter – is living the all-American dream, even though the city and the nation are on the brink of political upheaval. However, according to the official synopsis, “Joy’s tranquil world is shattered when her life-threatening pregnancy forces her to navigate a medical establishment unwilling to help. This impossible situation leads Joy to the “Janes,” an underground network providing the only available alternative, helmed by fierce advocates Virginia (Sigourney Weaver) and Gwen (Wunmi Mosaku) – not only saving Joy’s life, but changing it forever.” The drama focuses on the Jane Collective, a brave underground organization that facilitated over 11,000 safe abortions in the Chicago area between 1969 and 1973, an era when the procedure was still illegal.

The cast ensemble also includes Chris Messina, Kate Mara, Aida Turturro, John Magaro, Cory Michael Smith, Alison Jaye, Rebecca Henderson, Geoffrey Cantor, Rachel Rosenbloom, Gina Jun, Bianca D’Ambrosio, Heidi Garrow, Gracy Samuel, Tempest Morgan, Evangeline Young, Kristina Harrison, Mick Coleman, Michelle Mason, Amelie McKendry, Neal Mayer, and Kayla Foster.

The trailer shows how Joy finds a note that points her to the Jane organization, which is willing to give her the much-needed help she craves. She subsequently becomes an integral member of the team and gets actively involved in helping other women get the support they need.

The song used in the trailer is the 2020 single Stand Up by Sly & The Family Stallone. The track, included on their “Sunshine & Gasoline” album, is available on various streaming services. On Amazon the album can be bought for $4.95 as MP3.

Call Jane will be available on Digital December 6th and on Blu-ray, DVD and Video on Demand December 13th.

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