Christmas TV Advert Music – Christmas Is This Very Moment Christmas TV Advert Girl / Actress

“Christmas is full of amazing moments. Christmas is this Very moment.” This is the idea behind’s Christmas 2020 advert, which aims to inspire people to enjoy more the small moments that make life special.

The spot features a wife and mother of three who says what she loves about Christmas and mentions watching her neighbors setting up their Christmas lights, getting a 12-foot tree in a 10-foot room, dressing the house, filming her little son placing the star on top of the Christmas tree, finding the surprise gift her husband bought for her, Christmas morning, when she and her husband are woken up at 3AM by their youngest child. She also mentions that she loves getting presents for those she knows. It turns out she offers a small gift to everyone, even to the man who comes to collect the garbage.

The campaign, which is the first by Grey London for Very, debuted earlier this fall, on October 5, with a spot titled “Daisy”, which features a little girl playing in the park on a sunny autumn day, who lists all her favorite things about the season (mentioning roast potatoes, wearing pajamas all day and her toy, a green Hulk figure).

“Our strategy features moments from everyday life that are universal and culturally relevant, told through the lens of the consumer. Insightful, warm, optimistic and real throughout, the aim is to underline Very’s position at the heart of everyday life and to convey the humanity of our brand – helping, supporting, understanding – with the tone of a friend talking,” Carly O’Brien, chief marketing officer at The Very Group, which operates Very, said in a press statement about the retailer’s new campaign, which aims at making Very “the nation’s most-loved, inclusive and helpful retailer”.

The song playing in the advert is Hot Love by T. Rex.

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