Coors Light Commercial Song – The World’s Most Refreshing Beer

Coors Light Commercial - Friends on a Road Trip

Coors Light invites people to “Refresh For What’s Next” in its latest ad, aimed at strengthening the Coors Light title as “The World’s Most Refreshing Beer”.

The 30-second spot features a group of friends on a road trip packing Coors Light before starting to explore a hiking trail through a forest. As they travel lots of different places, camp in the middle of nature, embark on a canoe trip and sky down the mountains, Coors Light is always there to quench their thirst. “For those who thirst for more, Coors Light is lagered, filtered, and packaged cold for a crisper, cleaner finish to refresh you for what’s next,” the voiceover says, adding the tagline “Coors Light – The World’s Most Refreshing Beer”.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 single “Hit the Ground Running” by London-native soul singer Desi Valentine, which was also featured in a 2017 Aetna Medicare Advantage plan spot.

The beer brand’s new campaign, which also includes a “more streamlined, contemporary and premium packaging”, with all-silver cans, runs across television, print, digital, out of home and experiential programming. In October 2017, Chief Marketing Officer David Kroll said, in a press statement, “With even stronger advertising, packaging and spending, I’m confident we’ll have a stronger year,” referring to 2018, and added “You can expect us to be louder, prouder and always on”.

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