GLOW Season 2 (Netflix Series) – Trailer Song

GLOW Season 2

Netflix has released the main trailer for the new season of GLOW, a show by the team behind “Orange Is the New Black,” which revolves around struggling actress Ruth, who is desperate to jump-start her career, and a group of misfits living in 1980s LA as they reinvent themselves as the all-female Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

The teaser for season 2 saw the women of GLOW returning in style, armed with leotards, leg warmers and plenty of lipstick. The trailer reveals their reaction upon finding out that their primetime slot was given to a men’s wrestling show and the efforts they are willing to make to get their rightful place back. “I know this is going to be hard, but I believe in miracles and we are going to make this miracle happen,” a male character encourages them.

The new season sees Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) dealing with the consequences of their newfound fame and with issues that rock their friendship. In the first season, Debbie found out that Ruth was having an affair with her husband. The relationship resulted in Ruth getting an abortion, something she hasn’t told anyone aside from Sam (Marc Maron). The trailer also sees Debbie dealing the best she can with her divorce, this meaning that she sometimes forgets things, like picking up her son at daycare one day. The wrestling coach and GLOW director, Sam, is seen once again using cocaine, and the other lady wrestlers forced to deal with the impact their career had on their lives.

The song used in the trailer is Bonnie Tyler’s iconic “Holding Out for a Hero”, recorded for the soundtrack to the 1984 film Footloose and later included on her 1986 album, “Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire”.

GLOW Season 2, consisting of 10 episodes, will be released by the streaming service on June 29.

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