Opel Crossland X Commercial Song – OnStar Personal Assistant

Opel Crossland X Commercial

Opel presents the Crossland X with OnStar on board in one of its latest ads, highlighting that the OnStar comes with a Personal Assistant who is at your service 24/7.

The 30-second spot features a married couple in a Crossland X, stopping the car in front of a hotel, on a rainy night. The woman asks her husband to go check if there are available rooms, but he – given the cold weather, the pouring rain and the thunderstom – decides to use OnStar’s Personal Assistant. With the touch of a button, he is connected with an advisor who helps him book a hotel room in the nearest “decent” hotel and he gets to keep his clothes dry until he’s sure they’ll have a room.

The spot ends with the voiceover urging you to book hotels on the road in the new Opel Crossland X, mentioning that “thanks to Opel OnStar, with its Personal Assistant, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Automatic Crash Response”. The song playing in the bakground, in the last seconds of the ad, is Tom Gaebel’s single “It’s A Good Life”.

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