HBO Series: Sally4Ever (Trailer Song)

Sally4Ever (Trailer HBO)

HBO has released the trailer for its upcoming series Sally4Ever.

The comedy show, which is a co-production with the UK’s Sky, was written and directed by Julia Davis and revolves around Sally (Catherine Shepherd), a marketer who, after living a dull suburban life with her boyfriend for a decade, “embarks on a wild affair with Emma (Julia Davis), a seductive actress, singer, musician, poet and author. Things soon spiral out of control as Emma, before Sally knows it, “has moved in, rearranged the furniture, and her life”.

The trailer, scored by Yazoo’s “Don’t Go,” opens with Sheperd’s character, Sally, talking to a co-worker about Emma. “When I met Emma, she was really attractive, really fun, and smart. She was incredible,” Sally says. As her affair with Emma becomes more than that, she must deal with a series of challenges. The two are even going together to see a counselor – as one of the scenes reveals, in which the therapist tells one of them “Unless you start making decisions, you’re gonna end up a lonely old maid. And I say that with the greatest love and greatest respect”.

Season 1, consisting of seven half-hour episodes, is set to premiere on HBO on November 11 at 10:30pm.

In the UK, it will be available on Sky One and streaming service NOW TV later this year.

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