Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Jet Lag Commercial – Girl Travelling

Travel Girl in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Commercial

Samsung continues to spotlight the capabilities of its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus camera in a new ad, highlighting that this Dual Aperture camera adapts like your eye, enabling you to capture stunning pictures in both bright daylight and super low light.

Titled “Jet Lag,” the spot follows a young woman who can’t sleep because of the jet lag and decides to go outside and take photos of the surroundings and the views with her Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, whose Dual Aperture camera adapts like the human eye and enables her to take stunning pictures. During the night, she strolls through the city streets, goes to a night club, where she meets new people, tries local dishes, rides a motorcyle, plays soccer and more. Eventually, as she gets back in her hotel room, she posts the photos on her Instagram account, changing the initial text she had written – “I hate jet lag” – into “I love jet lag”.

This is not the first time the South Korean tech giant highlights the camera enhancements on its 2018 flagships. In the “Camera Reimagined” spot, soundtracked by Aston Merrygold’s “Get Stupid”, Samsung showcases, besides the capability to adjust based on light levels, like the human eye, the camera’s capability of capturing slo-mo footage that is four times slower than the competition, to create customized emojis based on the user’s face, offer real-time translation when they need it, and recognize the user instantly, thanks to a technology called Intelligent Scan. Other commercials focused on the Super Slow-mo feature, which allows users to add music, swing, reverse and loop.

Unveiled on February 25 and released worldwide on March 16, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 PLus are priced at $719.99 and $839.99, respectively, unlocked on the brand’s website.

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