Heineken Silver Old Roommate Nina Commercial Song

Heineken Silver Old Roommate Nina Commercial Actors

“In a world as smooth as Heineken Silver, there’s no such thing as an awkward hello” – this is the idea behind one of the latest ads for Heineken Silver, which now features a less bitter, smooth and refreshing taste.

The spot is set at a party and features a woman who notices her old roommate getting closer. She talks to someone and admits she doesn’t remembers the girl’s name. As she’s trying to remember if it’s Anna, Amy or Charlotte, another guy saves the situation and gives her a Heineken Silver, calling her by her name, which it turns out it’s Nina.

Relieved that she managed to avoid an awkward situation, the protagonist grabs a Heineken Silver too.

At the end of the commercial, which is set to the tune of Shaggys hit single “Boombastic”, the voiceover urges viewers to try the Heineken Silver for a less bitter, smooth and refreshing taste.

Designed to appeal to gen Z and millennial shoppers, this lager has 95 calories with 3.2g carbs and just 4% ABV. Brewed at a chilled -1°C, it is an extra-refreshing lager with a less bitter taste and a crisp, subtle finish. It is available for purchase in 330ml bottles and 330ml “slimline” cans.

Other two ads in the campaign feature a young woman accidentally sexting her mom and a man in a bar who finds himself in a cringeworthy situation due to a woman who said “Hey” and he thought he was the one whom she greeted.

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